How to Stop Foreclosure on Your Cincinnati Property

Are you going through a foreclosure?

Facing Foreclosure?

Is your ARM rate so high that you can barely afford it? Are you plagued with financial difficulties? Are you a Cincinnati based veteran going through a foreclosure on your property? Fret not; we can help prevent your home from being foreclosed. There’s a quick and effective solution to your challenge. We will walk you through different procedures that will help you stay right on track. This will entail help you learn how to avoid foreclosure on your homes, how to put them to a stop and how to get support from the government.

What exactly is foreclosure?

Foreclosure is simply an auction. In this case, the auction takes place in your property if you fail to clear off the mortgage within a stipulated time frame. If the auction becomes unsuccessful, the property becomes converted into a lending institution.

What are the types of foreclosure?

There are two major forms of foreclosure that have been identified by Zillow, the judicial foreclosure and the non-judicial foreclosure.

What is Judicial Foreclosure?

In Judicial foreclosure, the following steps are carried out.

  • The debtor is fined with a civil lawsuit.
  • The whole process is handled by a legal courthouse.
  • A pendency notice is carried out.
  • The court either accepts or rejects the lender’s reason for foreclosure.
  • Publishing of the notice of sale.
  • The waiting period takes a minimum of 4 months and maximum of 8 months.

What is Non-Judicial Foreclosure?

These are the procedures of a Non-Judicial Foreclosure?

  • A deed of trust which conveys information about the property is placed under the care of a third party as a secured means of repaying the debt.
  • The person that is entrusted with the deed of trust can go ahead with the foreclosure process.
  • The next step is recording a Notice of Default and the debtor is given a fixed timeline to pay up his debt or he might choose to object.
  • If he objects, a Notice of Trustee’s Sale will be recorded and plans of embarking on an auction will be mapped out.
  • The entire process takes up to a year.

Avoiding a Foreclosure

If you find it difficult in paying up your mortgage, place a call across to the person in charge of your loan services immediately. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, it is imperative to work with your loan service officer or the agency in charge of your counseling. Be careful, offers which are too juicy are usually fraudulent. Always stay safe and work with only trustworthy firms.

It is important to evaluate your budget. Identify your expenses and see how you can strike out some trivialities that eat into your pockets.

How to get support from the government?

In the bid to avoid foreclosure, the United States Department of Housing and Urban kick-started some programs which were under the implementation of President Obama led administration. One of these programs includes the ‘Making Home Affordable Program’ (MHA). The aim of this program is to assist homeowners prevent foreclosure, make the housing market of the country more stable and improving the overall economy of the United States.

Other organizations like Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation are government agencies that help alleviate the burden faced by homeowners. They help property owners adopt strategies that will enable them to make simple and pocket-friendly repayments to their houses.

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How can you stop foreclosure?

A Resource Guide has been created by the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) to help homeowners stop foreclosure. The guide provides recent information on how to prevent and stop you from losing your property.

Here are some bestselling tips to help you stop foreclosure;

  • Contact the lender immediately
  • Modification of loan should be greatly considered by you. In addition, consider a repayment plan, forbearance, a reinstatement or any preferred alternative means.
  • Get your loan refinanced.
  • Put your home up for sale.

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  • The debtor is fined with a civil lawsuit.
  • The whole process is handled by a legal courthouse.
  • A pendency notice is carried out.
  • The court either accepts or rejects the lender’s reason for foreclosure.
  • Publishing of the notice of sale.
  • The waiting period takes a minimum of 4 months and maximum of 8 months.

Types of foreclosure

Judicial Foreclosure:
  • The process takes from 4 to 8 months.
  • Notice of Default is recorded and the borrower is given a deadline to repay what he owes or object.

How to avoid foreclosure?

How to get help from the government

How to stop foreclosure?

  1. Sell your home.

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